Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Overnight French Toast with Praline Sauce

So you missed my "Mother's Day Brunch" class but now you are scrambling (no pun intended) to think of something to make for Mom.  With only a few days left to plan, shop and cook, I decided to send out one of the recipes from the class.  This is one of the favorite breakfast treats  I make when we have company.  Don't you want to come visit?  

It is similar to a bread pudding (but that's for another post) and has all the ingredients of French Toast without the hassle of making it while everyone is standing around with their plates waiting on you. Make it the night before and bake it in the morning.  Now... go, cook and celebrate all the "mothers" in your life!

Overnight French Toast Casserole with Praline Sauce

1 loaf of French bread 6 eggs
1 1/2 cups half and half 1 1/2 cups whole milk
1 teaspoon vanilla 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

1 stick softened butter
1 cup brown sugar
2 Tablespoons corn syrup
1 cup chopped pecans

Cut French bread into 1 inch cubes.  You should have about 10-12 cups of cubes.  Place the cubes in baking dish.  In a separate bowl, crack the eggs and whisk until smooth.  Add the half and half, milk, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg and whisk until well blended.  Pour the egg mixture evenly over the cubed bread.  Cover with foil and refrigerate overnight.  

In the morning, remove the foil from the French toast casserole.  Mix together the butter, brown sugar, corn syrup and nuts in a small bowl. Drop the mixture in little spoonfuls over the French toast.  Bake at 350 for 40 minutes.  Serve with praline sauce.

Praline Sauce
1 sticks butter 1/2 bag of light brown sugar
1 cups water 1/2 can sweetened condensed milk

In a sauce pan, melt the butter, sugar, water and condensed milk.  Bring mixture to boil and then reduce to medium heat. Cook about 5 minutes until the sugar is dissolved and it is ready to be spooned over the baked French toast.

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