About Me

"I love everything that has to do with the home."

Not just the way a home looks to everybody else, but the true heart of the home that is felt by those who inhabit it.  I enjoy creating a safe haven for my family in the midst of a chaotic world.  A place where everyone is welcome, neighborhood kids fill every room,  movie night includes popcorn and hot chocolate, holidays are festive and Mondays are celebrated as much as Fridays.
Many of you know me as the mother of three sweet kiddos. (Not a bad way to be identified!) But along with the amazing responsibility of raising three human beings, I have also had the wonderful opportunity to plan and instruct cooking camps, classes and seminars for kids for the past 10 years.

"I believe there is no occasion too small to celebrate."

Cooking and entertaining are an intergal part of family life and richly tied to the memories we have of our childhood.  Dinner around the table is not just about the food we eat, but the time we spend together, a time to share with those close to us the successes and failures of today and the dreams and plans for tomorrow.  Involving the children in the preparation and serving of meals defines their role in the family and teaches them important skills they will use for a lifetime. 

Growing Gourmets offers kids the opportunity to expand their culinary skills in a safe and fun environment and encourages families to come together in the kitchen and around the table.