Monday, July 19, 2010

No Time for Posts!

Puerto Vallerta

Thought I would share the reasons for my lack of posts in June.  First, a family vacation to Mexico, which no decriptions will do justice.  The pools were so fun...I want this one in my backyard (palm trees, hut and drink service included).  What do you think?

The kids loved swimming with the dolphins and sea lions. OK, even the adults had a great time!

Alexandra had to put her hands on that sweet, slick face
(even though they recommended no hands). 
We will just call her the "dolphin whisperer"

Sam getting double attention from the sea lions.  Boy, those whiskers are ticklish.

Cameron kissing a dolphin.  It's hard not to smile. :)

But, of course, delicious food was part of the vacation (even in the pool). Plenty of inspiration with every meal...

But as you can see, summer fun didn't end with vacation. We have been celebrating holidays, visiting libraries and museums, reading books, swimming at the pool, going to movies, grilling out and generally having a relaxing time. Throw in a few cooking camps and you can see why the blog has been sitting idly by without any exciting summer posts.

Can you forgive me?  I have been saving up all my ideas.  Coming soon, we went blackberry picking and I have a tasty recipe for blackberry honey.  We've also made some homemade popsicles, fried our own corndogs and tried out a chocolate mousse icebox pie.  So, come back and visit soon.  There is still plenty of summer left to enjoy and I look forward to sharing the rest of ours with you!

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