Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Cooking Classes

Spring Cooking Classes

Easter Eggs-travaganza!
Saturday, April 3; 10 am-12 pm      $20.00        (6-12 year olds)
Easter is one of my favorite holidays of the year!  It is a wonderful time to gather family together in the kitchen and around the table.  This year when you host family and friends, let your children help prepare a favorite recipe of their own.  In this class, the children will learn how to make a frittata, a type of Italian omelette which is wonderful for an Easter brunch.  They will also make hot cross buns and learn the history of this Easter tradition.  Finally, we will create and enjoy a dessert of yummy chocolate bird’s nests and homemade Cadbury-style Easter eggs.  I’ll even send home the recipe for Resurrection Cookies, a fun and meaningful activity which illustrates the story of Christ's death, burial and resurrection by baking the cookies and leaving them in the oven overnight.

Making a Mother’s Day Brunch
Saturday, May 1; 10 am- 12 pm    $20.00     (6-12 year olds)
How does a tray laden with coffee, flowers and a decadent breakfast on Mother’s Day sound to you?  Every child is capable of learning new ways to serve loved ones, especially Mom!  In this two hour class, we will focus not just on the food, but the whole act of service.  First, preparation, by using recipes and shopping lists.  Next is the presentation of the food and instructions on how to serve a special meal.  Finally, the biggest blessing of all, we will learn how to clean up the mess!  The recipes for this class include gingerbread waffles topped  with homemade apple compote.  We will also make a light but delicious fruit salad with honey lime dressing, ham and egg tarts, and to finish, crunchy cinnamon palmiers.


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  1. Oh, too bad! We've been away on vacation and I didn't see your post. So, today is the 3rd and it is too late for this class - and I have company on May 1st. (My mom!) Anyway, I hope you have wonderful classes and I hope to join you sometime in the future. Will you be doing classses this summer? :-)