Wednesday, January 28, 2009

NEW start date for Chef’s Club!  One more week to sign up and spaces are available for morning and after school!!


Session 1:      Manner’s Matter…Traveling in Style

February 5-26 (4 weeks) $65.00

Having good manners are important every day, not just when we sit down to dine at a fancy restaurant.  This four-week session will focus on etiquette, setting the table and good table manners as we cook recipes that test even the neatest and most polite child!  

And manners are more fun if we imagine traveling to distant lands….


February 5        Tea and Company

Every child, boy or girl, can appreciate the English tradition of taking tea and sweets in the afternoon.  Imagine tea in a far away world with Lucy in Mr. Tumnus’s cozy cave or enjoying full tea from a steamer trunk as you make your way across the British Indies.  In class, we will create scones, sweets and savories and then sit down to enjoy the tea and company.


February 12       Café Paris

Can you imagine yourself sitting outside a Paris café on a spring day sipping café au lait and eating pain au chocolate (chocolate croissants)?  Children, can appreciate French food and culture, even if a view of the Eiffel Tower is only appreciated in Ludwig Bemelmans’ tales about a little French girl named Madeleine.  This class will bring to life the sidewalk cafes of France while we enjoy French bistro faire like easy pain au chocolate, winter squash soup and open face sandwiches.


February 19       Orient Express

The train is pulling away from the station, beginning the long voyage from Paris through Vienna, Amsterdam and finally Istanbul.  Each exotic location bringing the full flavor of it’s cuisine to be sampled in the dining carriage.  We will enjoy creating our own samplings like Dutch pancakes, sigara börek (Turkish cigar shaped cheese pastries) and fondue!


February 26       The Plaza, Please!

The Plaza Hotel, a world renowned landmark on 5thAvenue in New York is the perfect location for enjoying a four course feast.  Which fork do I use?  How do I order?  What is that?  The last test of manners allows children to prepare a simple but delicious menu, set the table and practice ordering and serving each other just like they were dining in a fine restaurant!

Times Available:
          Kinder Cooks (preschoolers)
                   10 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
          Growing Gourmets (6-11 year olds)
                   2:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m.
                   4:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m.

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